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Meet the Founder of the US Life Coach Association

Jeff Wasserman founded the USLCA in February 2003.  Jeff is an innovative marketer and seasoned Life Coach.  Jeff believes coaching should be available to the people who need it most.  Coaching has not reached a household word, but with Jeff's unique new marketing plan for 2012, Life Coaching will become as common as massage therapy or chiropractic. 

Jeff hosts a weekly podcast, Life Coach Radio Show and has dedicated his time and resources to promoting Life Coaching.  If you would like to learn more about Jeff, please click here or visit Life Coach Media.

If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member of the US Life Coach Association, please email Jeff or call 800-841-8776. If you are attending the ICF coaching conference in Las Vegas September 24th -27th, please look for Jeff.

Jeff will be at the conference and would like to meet any and all coaches looking to create a unique coaching organization that specializes on marketing your coaching practice. The USLCA is dedicated to bringing client and coaches together.

Jeff will have the Life Coach Bus at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, in Las Vegas, September 22nd - 27th, 2011. Please stop and meet Jeff and learn how you can help create the next big thing in the coaching world.


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US Life Coach Association
P.O. Box 540
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Jeff @ USLCA.com

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The USLCA is a professional coaching organization dedicated to promoting and assisting Life and Business Coaches. From marketing, public relations, advertising, promoting, networking and certification, we are here to help Life and Business coaches build their business.
Founded in 2003 by Professional Life Coach and media personality Jeff Wasserman, the US Life Coach Association focuses on helping coaches succeed. We are your support system. Our specialty is helping new coaches who graduated from one of the many coach training organizations, but have been unable to attract paying clients.
The US Life Coach Association has a unique perspective on the current state of the coaching profession. Our coaching model uses a different approach or thought process, than most coaching schools and organizations teach. If you are serious about building up your coaching practice, if you are willing to forget some of the "old school" coaching models you learned or read about, then you may have found what you have been searching for. Learn more about the US Life Coach Association and start coaching instead of talking about it.
The US Life Coach Association is open to all Life and Business Coaches, no matter where you received your training or what your educational background is. Maybe it is time to align yourself with America's fastest growing Life and Business Coaching organization.