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Welcome to the US Life Coach Association. The USLCA is a professional coaching organization dedicated to promoting and assisting Life and Business Coaches. From marketing, public relations, advertising, promoting, networking and certification, we are here to help Life and Business coaches build their business.

Founded in 2003 by Professional Life Coach and media personality Jeff Wasserman, the US Life Coach Association focuses on helping coaches succeed. We are your support system. Our specialty is helping new coaches who graduated from one of the many coach training organizations, but have been unable to attract paying clients.

The US Life Coach Association has a unique perspective on the current state of the coaching profession. Our coaching model uses a different approach or thought process than most coaching schools and organizations teach. If you are serious about building up your coaching practice, if you are willing to forget some of the "old school" coaching models you learned or read about, then you may have found what you have been searching for. Learn more about the US Life Coach Association and start coaching instead of talking about it.

The US Life Coach Association is open to all Life and Business Coaches, no matter where you received your training or what your educational background is. Maybe it is time to align yourself with America's fastest growing Life and Business Coaching organization.

2012 Enrollment opens January 10th, 2012
You may receive a call from Sarah in member services,
we are offering a one time, trial membership at no cost to you.

There is no cost for new members in 2012, after the first year if you
wish to remain a member, the cost is only $49 per year.

If you are interested in becoming a charter member,
please email Jeff at Jeff@USLCA.com or call 800-841-8776.

Learn more about the USLCA

The US Life Coach Association was founded in 2003 with one goal in mind.  To help Life and Business Coaches succeed. 

Jeff Wasserman, the founder of the USLCA met with hundreds of struggling coaches, disillusioned by the lack of paying clients.  He single handedly set out to build a bridge between clients and coaches. Today the USLCA stands ready to bring coaches and clients together.  The USLCA....

An association you can call home

Joining a professional organization should give you a feeling of community or family.  Professional organizations offer members a place to call home, a place where you can go for support, for motivation, education and information.  Does your current coaching organization provide you that warm and friendly feeling? 

The US Life Coach Association is a professional coaching organization that welcomes all Life and Business Coaches.  You will feel at home with the USLCA....

Join the USLCA

Would you like to be part of a coaching organization that focuses on helping the coach succeed and prosper?  The US Life Coach Association is now accepting new members. 

The cost is simply $49 per year and includes many marketing and promotional benefits, including aligning your coaching practice with the biggest media event coaching has ever seen. To join the USLCA, please click here.

what sets us apart from other coaching organizations

The US Life Coach Association is unique in the fact that we focus our attention on helping coaches succeed.  We leave the lobbying and global coaching issues for the other organizations. 

We focus on you, your business, your clients, your success.  If you would rather focus your attention on finding clients for your coaching business instead of arguing about credentialing, whether coaching is an art or science, which training organizations are worthy of their approval, then maybe it is time to join the most unique coaching organization and be part of the next big thing in coaching.  All for $49.....

Life Coach Training

Have you completed your coach training and finding it very difficult to attract paying clients?  Are you trained in a related field and need to learn the mechanics of coaching vs therapy?  The USLCA offers on line classes to help you build your coaching practice. 

Are you new to Coaching?  The US Life Coach Association offers special tuition vouchers for Life Coach College.  Start learning and living coaching today.   

Life Coach Certification

Certification has been a hot topic in coaching during the past 8 years.  Certification shows your commitment to your profession.  It demonstrates that you have the foundation, understanding and tools to be a professional coach. 

The USLCA offers a Certification process for both new and experienced coaches.  The cost is reasonable and benefits far exceed the cost to become Certified.  To learn more about Certification through the US Life Coach Association, please click here.

Contact the USLCA

If you would like more information on the
US Life Coach Association,
please call 800-841-8776 
or email info@USLCA.com


US Life Coach Association
P.O. Box 540
Dahlonega Georgia 30533

Take your coaching to the next level

Are you an experienced Life or Business Coach?  Are you looking to align your coaching practice with a nationwide concept or marketing plan? 

The US Life Coach Association is looking for a select few Life Coaches who are willing to consider a new and exciting concept in Life Coaching.  This is a ground floor opportunity in a grass roots organization. If you are looking for a get rich scheme or multi level marketing plan, we are not for you.  This new idea or concept is about promoting Life Coaching and your business....

Life Coaching Directory

Looking for a Coach?  The US Life Coach Association provides a list of member coaches who wish to market their services through our on line directory.  Not all USLCA members participate in the on-line directory. 

If you have a specific need or wish to locate a coach by region or specialty, please visit our on line directory.

time to builid your coaching business

Learning how to coach is not enough.  You need clients to succeed.  Are you stuck in a rut, struggling to find clients?  Would you rather spend your time helping people instead of worrying about finding new clients?  Maybe it's time to start building up your business. 

By joining the USLCA, you will have several opportunities to be part of the 2012 Life Coach Road Trip, marketing and promotion event.

Future of Life Coaching

The future of Life and Business Coaching is bright.  The profession is in it's infancy.  The problem seems to be in the business model that most coach training organizations teach today and most coaching organizations promote. 

At the USLCA, we promote another kind of business model, one in which more people can afford and utilize a Life Coach.  Our focus is on marketing Coaching to Main Street USA.  Life Coaching will someday be as common as hiring a realtor. Click here to find out more

Meet the Founder of the USLCA

Jeff Wasserman founded the USLCA in February 2003.  Jeff is an innovative marketer and seasoned Life Coach.  Jeff believes coaching should be available to the people who need it most.  Coaching has not reached a household word, but with Jeff's unique new marketing plan for 2012, Life Coaching will become as common as massage therapy or chiropractic. 

Jeff hosts a weekly podcast, Life Coach Radio Show and has dedicated his time and resources to promoting Life Coaching.  If you would like to learn more about Jeff, please click here or visit Life Coach Media.

Coaching 2015

Coaching 2015 is an vision, a program, a plan.  Jeff Wasserman and his staff will be on the road throughout 2015, visiting coaches all across this great land of ours.  The Life Coach Bus has already taken to the road to promote Life Coaching and Jeff's new radio show, Life Coach Radio. 

In 2015, the USLCA membership will come together for it's first national conference.  Please click here to learn more about Coaching 2015.